Other Countries

  • The US, UK, Australia and Canada are the Top 4 student destinations globally, and deservingly so.
  • However, there are many other countries that offer other benefits e.g. cost effectiveness or specialized education, while maintaininga high quality of education and life.
  • At EduWebStar, we know that the interests, requirements, aspirations, and financial ability of each student is different.
  • We pride and differentiate ourselves on being able to advise on all the opportunities open to students, across the world. Many of our students find this an eye-opening.
  • Some examples below. This is not a comprehensive list.
  • We encourage you to get in touch for a consultation, to evaluate opportunities specific to you.

Why Choose Ireland

  • High quality education, with among the best universities of the world.
  • Offers a complete English experience while being in the EU.
  • year post study visa after Masters, 1 year visa after graduation.
  • Hub for large Tech companies.
  • Good employment prospects.

Why Choose New Zealand

  • Minimal entry criteria. Students with an average academic history can easily get admission.
  • Widely recognized as the safest country in the world.
  • High quality of life and of education.
  • Friendly people and photogenic outdoors.
  • 1 year post study visa.

Why Choose Germany

  • No tuition fees in most universities, even if you are a non EU candidate. This is a massive advantage.
  • Most graduate/ masters courses are taught in German, so knowing German is a must. This is the big hurdle, but is great for students who already know German.
  • Highly developed economy.
  • 18 month post study visa, enables you to look for a job after studies.
  • Full EU member.

Why Choose Malaysia

  • Low cost of education and living, about half the cost of any of the Top 4 destinations.
  • High quality education, courses taught in English.
  • High levels of safety and tolerance.
  • Well developed infrastructure and systems.
  • Entrance tests i.e. GRE/ GMAT required.

Why Choose Eastern Europe

  • Countries in Eastern Europe and erstwhile USSR offer excellent medical education at very low costs.
  • Very reasonable academic history requirements. Relatively easy admission into a medical course.
  • Special batches for medical education in English.
  • High quality of life.
  • In case you would like to understand all the options available to you, or in case you have specific requirements, get in touch with us for an initial consultation. We will understand your requirements, and suggest possible courses of action, with implications of each option.
  • Once you decide on your preferred course/ destination, you can choose from one of our many packages, specially designed to make the entire admission process stress-free.
  • We compress decades of research and experience into an easy summary for you. This speeds up your decisions, and eliminates the potentially disastrous consequences of acting with limited/ incorrect information.

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