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Why IELTS Writing Evaluation Service?

  • Achieve your best band score on the IELTS writing test with EduWebStar.
  • Turn Your IELTS Writing Into Band 7+ score. Get a writing evaluation done by our experienced IELTS examiners.
  • The Writing evaluation service will include the four IELTS marking criterias: Task Achievement, Coherence and. Cohesion, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy.
  • Develop skills to counter weaknesses identified by our experienced examiners.

How Does it Work?

Choose Your Topic

Choose your writing task topic from our free IELTS Practice Test Library.

Submit Your Writing Task

Upload your essay or letter directly from your dashboard.

Receive Your Score

We will send you the detailed feedback and an estimate band score via email in 48 hours.

Why Choose This Service?

Detailed Feedback:: Receive an estimate of your band score, and suggestions for improvement on your IELTS writing essays. Feedback and suggestions on how to improve your writing skills, structure, ideas,vocabulary and language.

Swift response: Get your IELTS writing assessment and evaluation from our trainers in just 48 hours.

Experienced Trainers: Your IELTS writing tasks will be marked by our trainers from the UK with years of experience.

Self - Assessment: Feedback on your writing score will help you assess your overall readiness for the IELTS test. You can then decide if you need further training on the other IELTS modules as well, to maximise your IELTS score.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about IELTS. We are always happy to help. Contact us if you have another question.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration. We have answered the commonly asked questions.

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  • Who is this course for?

    Most test-takers get lesser marks in the writing module, compared to the other three modules                                                                                
    A writing assessment is, therefore, a fair indicator of the students likely final score                                                                                 
    If you are uncertain about your chances at the IELTS test, and would like an indicator, this is the test for you  

    This test helps our potential students identify the course they would need to proceed with

  • Topics for this test are sourced from the IELTS practice test library i.e. are actual previous test topics

  • This is a diagnostic test. You will be evaluated on your writing, and given feedback about the score you could expect on the Writing module of IELTS. We will also give you an understanding of your errors on the writing module, and tips on how you could have written the essay in a better manner.    

    • Our course content is created by actual IELTS examiners, and trains you on the specific areas of interest from an examiners lens  
    • Our tutors are native English speakers, and deliver an authentic experience                          
    • Our course material is comprehensive, and covers everything you will need for acing the IELTS test
    • We offer a range of course options , and can customise the experience for each candidate
    • All our payments are safe and secure, and verified by …Stripe 
    • In case you are unable to access the services you pay for, just send us an email and get a refund.     
    • We are a learning platform, and all activity, including payment and login, is traceable on the platform. This means it is impossible for us to not deliver on service for which we take payment 
    •  All our tutors are thoroughly vetted and checked, so you are assured of the highest quality of coaching  
  • We accept payment by credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard) using the online payment link on the website.    

  • No.The default currency shown on our website is Sterling Pound (£) hence you will have to pay in Sterling Pound (£).                                                                           
    Our team at EduWebStar are happy to help further with any queries you have.                                                                                 
    Email us on    

  • We are based in the UK, and regulated by the UK Trade Authority                                                                                
    All our tutors and examiners are also UK based

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