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Why IELTS Speaking Evaluation Service ?

  • Achieve your best score on the IELTS speaking test with EduWebStar.Identify your weaknesses in the IELTS speaking test.
  • Turn Your IELTS Speaking Into Band 7+ score. Get a speaking evaluation done by our experienced IELTS trainer.            
  • Get practical advice to help you feel more confident in the exam.           
  • Learn how to use a variety of language structures to fulfil the task .       
  • Speaking test feedback will be given for 15 minutes of recording.

How Does it Work?

Choose Your Speaking Test

Choose your speaking topic from our free IELTS Practice Test Library.

Receive Your Score

We will send you the detailed feedback and an estimate band score via email in 48 hours.

Receive Your Score

We will send you detailed feedback and an estimated band score via email in 48 hours. 

Why choose this service?

Detailed Feedback: Receive estimate band score and suggestions for improvement on your IELTS speaking ability. Feedback and suggestions on how to improve your speaking abilities ,ideas,pronunciation,exam techniques and strategies in order to get a higher band score.

Swift response: Get your IELTS speaking evaluation from our trainers in just 48 hours.

Experienced Trainers:Your IELTS speaking test recording will be marked by our trainers from the UK with years of experience.

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