Why Choose Canada

  • One of the most welcoming countries in the developed world at the moment.
  • Diverse, international , multicultural peer group.
  • Strong focus on tolerance, justice and inclusiveness, makes everyone feel safe and welcome.
  • Canada actively needs new immigrants , and has programs designed to help you settle permanently.
  • (Up to)3 year Post graduation work permit allows you to plan your career in Canada after your studies.Education is affordable compared to its next door neighbor.

Course Duration

  • 3-4 years Bachelor’s degree. 1-2 years master’s degree. These are offered by Universities (not colleges)
  • 3 years professional (vocational) courses or diplomas are also popular, typically in colleges , Institutes or Polytechnics.

Fees and scholarships

  • Fees vary significantly, and depend on the university you choose. Plan for 25,000 CAD per year as tuition fees, and another 12 -18,000 CAD per year as living costs.
  • This could vary depending on course, city , your own residential status etc. The above is a ballpark figure, and could go higher for top universities/ professional courses.
  • The Federal and Provincial governments offer various scholarships for International students, usually depending on demonstrated academic excellence .

How to apply

Each University has its own criteria, and accepts applications directly . Selecting a course , university, province are all important decisions, given the wide variances within Canada.

  • Getting your academic history accredited / equivalence certified for Canadian standards is critical.
  • SAT is not required for undergraduate courses in Canada. Most top universities do require a GRE for Master’s applicants, though many do not .
  • All universities will require a good IELTS score though, - this is critical.
  • Proof of fund availability is also required.
  • Proof of French fluency also helps, if applying to Universities the French-speaking parts of Canada.

How we help

We identify universities where your application has good chances of success. Given the wide variance involved (fees, entrance tests, quality of life in a city vs rural etc), this is an incredibly important decision.

  • We guide you on the various options available to you, and help you plan for the longer term.
  • We help you arrange your documents to avoid incorrect applications. This includes the “equivalence” documents that are critical in Canada.
  • We help identify scholarships and funding options that may suit your specific situation.
  • We help draft your personal statement (important for postgraduate applications) , and also suggest on formats for a good reference letter (if you have work experience).
  • We help draft your communication with the admissions officers of the universities.
  • We have our own native English speaking tutors, and our proprietary IELTS modules, to help you score high marks on the mandatory English proficiency tests.
  • Lastly, and (we think) most importantly, we also help broaden your horizons, and identify study options across the world  You’d be surprised at what the world has to offer.

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